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Pico Technology公司授予虹科亚太区2012年度经销商奖-鸿泰棋牌

Pico Technology is proud to announce HongKe Technology as Distributor of the Year 2012 for the Asia/ Pacific region-鸿泰棋牌

Above: Eric Chen, Sales Manager and Chu Jie, Vice President, accepting the award for HongKe Technology

On the 4th February 2013, Pico Technology Ltd was proud to announce that HongKe Technology Co. Ltd of Guangzhou, China was awarded the prestigious ‘Distributor of the Year 2012’ award for the Asia/Pacific region.

‘We have been extremely impressed with HongKe’s sheer dedication to our product line and their incessant efforts to raise our profile in China. Their sales figures have more than doubled every year since their appointment as a Pico Technology distributor in 2003. This award is to thank them for their continual support,’ said Kieran Winstanley, Distribution Manager for the Asia/Pacific region.

Chu Jie, Vice President of HongKe Technology Co. Ltd, is just as enthusiastic:
‘We are very honoured to receive this prestigious award; it is an affirmation of our hard work and effort. This would not have been possible without the trust and support from the Pico team. We are very pleased with our partnership with Pico; since HongKe Technology was appointed as a Pico Distributor in China, Pico have offered us full trust and an excellent product range to sell. We have made our best effort to promote Pico’s product. Ten years ago, in China, very few people knew of Pico; today many people acknowledge that Pico’s product is fantastic, saving them time and money. Thanks to the high quality and excellent product, our customers can easily accept and trust us, which means that Pico’s brand is becoming stronger and stronger in the Chinese market.’

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